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Go outside into the sunlight.  Light stimulates brain chemicals that improve mood. Not getting enough light is one reason people feel tired.

Go for a brisk walk. Studies show even a 10-minute walk can increase energy and decrease tension.

Act with energy. Trick yourself into feeling energetic by moving quicker, moving while you are on the phone and put more energy into your voice.

Listen to a favorite upbeat song. Stimulating gives you an instant lift and is one of the quickest ways to affect your mood and energy level.

Create a “happy” wardrobe. There is a strong link between wardrobe and mood. Based on a study conducted by psychologist Karen Pine, Ph.D., wearing clothes we associate with positively can help when we’re feeling down. In the study, women felt good in figure enhancing clothes and bright colors. This study simply shows that we instinctively know what makes us feel good, so we need to focus on creating a “happy” wardrobe. 

Surround yourself with upbeat, positive people.  According to physician Susan Biali, MD, the author of Live a Life You Love, often our insecurities and inner negative thoughts come from voices of pessimistic people from our past. Keep cheerful company. “Optimism is a learned skill,” says Dr. Biali.

Take time to daydream and reflect. Boost brainpower by disengaging during relaxation. It has been shown that reflection and daydreaming can make you more attentive when doing tasks.


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