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Montessori Family School

Welcome to Montessori Family School. We believe–and many have told us–we are the East Bay’s best-kept secret!

Redwoods International Montessori

Located very close the heart of the Silicon Valley neighborhoods, The Redwoods International Montessori School, (TRIMONT) absorbs the vibrant culture of its international inhabitants.

KSS Immersion School – Lincoln Highlands

KSS Immersion School is one of Northern California’s first Spanish language and Latin culture immersion program...

Genius Kids Brentwood in Brentwood, CA

At Genius Kids, we believe that education and learning is a lifetime journey. It is about learning to act with purpose to make good choices

Tweety Kid Care – San Ramon, CA

Tweety Kid Care is a licensed family childcare committed to providing the highest quality childcare, early education, and work life solutions!

Daylight Savings Ends: How to Adjust Sleep to “Fall Back”

Set your clocks back! In Fall, time “falls back” on the first weekend in November in the early hours on Sunday. While adults sometimes struggle with the change, children have a rougher time because they can’t prepare as well as we can. Their bodies are in sync with the 24 hour clock and one full hour makes a big difference!

Budget-Friendly Parenthood Prep for Every Kind of Parent by Kristin Louis of ParentingWithKris.com

This article will address ways you can save money on parenthood prep, from the big stuff to the little.

Baby Proofing Your Home: Protect Your Baby and Your Home at the Same Time by Julie Weaver

Baby proofing your home is hardly a one-time event. As your child grows, so do potential hazards they’ll face and opportunities for your child to dirty and destroy your home that you just spent what felt like hours making spotless. Because let’s face it – although small, children have the unique ability to get into everything and create disorder. Protecting your child as well as your home means preventing accidents and staying ahead of their little curiosities.

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