Common Questions to Ask When Looking for a Preschool

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1. Is your school licensed and how long has it been around?2. What is the program’s philosophy?

3. What is your child to teacher ratio?

4. What is the staff turnover rate and educational background of the teachers?

5. What is your discipline policy?

6. Does the school offer full day and half day options?  Review their school calendar to note holidays observed, teacher work days and other possible school closures.

7. What is included with the monthly tuition (lunch, music classes, language programs, computer classes, etc)?  What other cost are required when enrolling?  Annual fees? How often does their tuition increase and by what percentage?

8. How do the teachers communicate with the parents about the children’s day?  How does the school communicate to the parents?

9. Has there been any recent licensing violations that need to be disclosed to families interested in enrolling?

10. How do you help children transition into your program?

Being Visually Aware During Your Preschool Tour1. Does the outside of the school look well-cared for and maintained?

2. What does the school’s security look like?  Do you have to ring a bell to get into the school?  Is the school fenced off so that a child cannot wonder off the property?

3. What does the parking situation look like?  Image it during busy drop-off and pick-up times?

4. Do the teachers look happy to be there?  Are they at the child’s level interacting with them or standing around talking to other teachers?  What are the tones that the teachers are using with the children?

5. Do the children look happy and engaged with plenty of variety in the classrooms or on the playground?

6. Does the kitchen/food prep area look clean?  And does the person prepping the food wear gloves?

7. Check to see if their child to teacher ratio is what they advertised in their program while touring the classrooms.

8. Are the changing tables cleaned and sanitized after each use? Is the bathroom area maintained and have child size toilets/sinks or step stools?

9. Do you see any hazardous cleaning products or materials in arms reach of a child?

10. Most importantly, how do you feel when you walk in?  Go with your first instincts.  If you do not feel comfortable in the environment your child will feel the same.

By Jamie Brown – Former Preschool Teacher, then Director, and Parent & Consultant for


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