Footprints Preschool – Pleasant Hill, CA

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At Footprints Preschool we believe in educating the whole child. We believe children learn through play and hands on exploratory experiences.

The purpose of Footprints Preschool is to provide a developmentally appropriate Christian environment that fosters the growth and the development of the whole child for preschool aged children of Faith Lutheran Church and the greater Pleasant Hill Community.

At Footprints Preschool, our teachers use developmentally appropriate practices to develop children in six key areas:

1. Spiritually-We provide our children a foundation in God’s word, the Bible, training, modeling, and support in following the two great commandments: to love the Lord God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength; and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

2. Language Development-We do this through everyday conversations, songs, poems, stories, rhythmic music, and movement.

3. Social and Emotional Understanding-We spend time working on everyday routines that foster self control, practice taking turns, labeling emotions, and working out conflicts in a positive way between peers.

4. Physical Development-Preschool aged children are growing and changing very fast. Our teachers plan fun and engaging activities that will challenge your preschooler’s abilities in gross and fine motor skills.

5. Cognitive Development-Math, Science, and History are all real concepts preschool age children can grasp and learn when presented with a hands on and fun approach. We let the children explore and make observations that provoke a thoughtful curiosity for the world that God created for us to enjoy and discover.

6. Creative Expression- We provide ample time for preschool children to explore their creative side through music, art, and dramatic play.


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