Hacienda Child Development Center – Pleasanton

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Since 1987, Hacienda Child Development Center and Hacienda School have served infants, toddlers, twos, preschoolers, elementary students, and middle schoolers in an enriched Montessori environment where children can grow to fulfill their full potential.

One of the program goals is to nurture a “heads up” child: bright, alert, motivated, independent, self-confident, and social. A second goal is to help parents become more sensitive to and aware of their child’s developmental needs, to become more knowledgeable and more self assured, and to participate directly in their child’s growth.

The center and the school offer parents the security of knowing their children are receiving the finest care and developmental guidance available. They combine an innovative approach to learning with traditional values and the joy of discovery. They borrow from the best model programs and make use of the most recent educational research.

The infant and toddler programs are based on the proprietary HeadsUp!® Approach, which makes use of play and learning games to help lay the necessary foundation of all future learning. The preschool program is a modified Montessori curriculum incorporating art, music, and imaginative play into the traditional emphasis on practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, science, and cultural activities. The elementary and middle school programs emphasize academic fundamentals, including art, music, PE, technology, Chinese, and Spanish, while never losing sight of the importance of nurturing caring human beings.

Hacienda Child Development Center and School exceed the minimum staffing ratios required by state law: the infant program maintains a maximum 3:1 ratio, rather than the 4:1 requirement; the toddler program maintains a maximum 4:1 ratio; the two-year-old and preschool programs maintain maximum 8:1 (6:1 during critical parts of the day) and 10:1 ratios respectively, rather than the 12:1 state requirement; and the school ratio is 12:1, far better than the 30:1 norm.



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