Montessori Family School

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Welcome to Montessori Family School. 

We believe–and many have told us–we are the East Bay’s best-kept secret!  A gem of a school with two campuses, engaged children and several long-term faculty.  We are a core of educators who have discovered what Maria Montessori knew long ago – the most effective way to educate children is to give them real work in a real context, whether it is learning math or setting a place for a meal.  We work tirelessly to support children in developing a deep-rooted understanding about the connectedness of all things.  Young or old, a child in an enriched learning environment can have boundless interest for all that is happening around them as they develop and grow.  

We provide this each day.

In the tradition of Maria Montessori, MFS wants to reach and teach all children. Montessori developed dozens of innovative learning materials that are still being used today in thousands of schools throughout the world. The Montessori teaching method adapts itself to the individual learning style of each student. It starts with the “hands-on” exploration of concrete materials and evolves to the development of critical thinking and conceptual understanding.

We value a community that is dynamic and diverse. MFS students learn cooperation, problem solving, and conflict resolution not because teachers tell them to, but because they learn that they are part of a larger, diverse society in which these skills prove critical to success. We nurture and value each child’s innate desire to contribute to the classroom and the world.

Montessori Family School alumni consistently move out confidently into the world after tremendous success at both private and public high schools throughout the Bay Area. Many are currently enrolled in, or have graduated from, colleges on both the east and west coasts, including Ivy League colleges and the University of California system.


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