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Located very close the heart of the Silicon Valley neighborhoods, The Redwoods International Montessori School, (TRIMONT) absorbs the vibrant culture of its international inhabitants. At the same time TRIMONT is a sanctuary of child centered calm in the midst of an ever changing, bustling and innovative centers of the world. This unique blend of qualities purposefully blended with the Montessori Method has been designed to expand and stimulate children’s minds and provide them with an unparalleled first academic and social school experience.

This makes TRIMONT one of the premier Montessori schools which has become a conduit through which children emerge as happy, productive and successful learners who progress to the finest public and private schools in the Silicon Valley area.


The vision of TRIMONT is to enrich the lives of children on a daily basis, develop the love of learning and discovery in an integrated social and academic environment.  Each child has unique abilities and we aspire to partner with families to ensure that each child will receive the tools he/ she needs to attain their full potential.

Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him or her into the world.
~ Maria Montessori

Redwoods International Montessori: Our Programs

The Montessori Approach

Montessori is a method of observing and supporting the natural development of children. This approach allows our children to develop creativity, problem solving, social and time management skills. Simultaneously they become observers of their world and learn to contribute to their society and their environment. TRIMONT also emphasizes that we are all part of a global family and learning about other countries, cultures and people is important.


Part of our regular curriculum includes daily singing and dancing. Our children learn songs in many languages and dances from around the world.

Spanish Program

Our students have the opportunity to participate in daily Spanish instruction at various age-appropriate skill levels.

Around the World

Each week features a different part of the world, covering its geography, people and culture. Students are encouraged to bring items from visits or home countries from those parts of the world, to share with others. Guest speakers and special projects deepen the experience.

ABCs of the Week

Each week, a different letter of the alphabet is emphasized. With encouragement, each child explores sounds, writing and reading.


Your child will be able to participate in monthly birthday events, combining the celebration of all children who have birthdays in that month. We also celebrate Holidays with some surprises for Parents as well!

Daily Exercise and Nutritional Training

We believe that early training in the importance of exercise and nutrition is imperative. Our program in designed that all children participate in structured exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. We also emphasize good nutrition on a daily basis.


Art at TRIMONT is highly valued. All through the year we discuss various artists and complete projects where the children get the opportunity to express themselves in a particular genre.

Tools for Your Family

Each of our families will receive a monthly calendar of events including countries being studied, letters of the week, special celebrations and special guests. Many of our parents use this tool to follow along and supplement their children’s learning.


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