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Tweety Kid Care is a place where your little one can learn and acquire a strong sense of self! Our daycare/preschool setting in a home-like environment is one of the best alternatives for working parents! This is a “home away from home” providing children with “siblings“ of all ages to play, socialize, and learn from!

Tweety Kid Care truly believes that children learn best in an environment that encourages exploration, provides nurturing supportive relationships, adapt to each individual child’s needs, and learning styles and offers many opportunities for play!

Our philosophy is to promote a safe and fun environment where each child can grow at his/her own pace. We will strive to help you meet the needs of your child in all aspects including, but not limited to, social ,emotional, physical and intellectual development! We believe children are capable, caring, creative individuals.

Our hope is that everyone who comes in contact with our program shares a common understanding of the importance of the fist 5 years in a child’ life! We view children as active participants in the process of growing and learning! Our goal in providing quality child care for your child is to create a safe, comfortable, fun, and loving environment!

About the Owner: Gabi has been immersed in the child education field since 1992 when she first worked as a teacher. She found herself working with children as a preschool and elementary school teacher for 14 years. As a young teenager she pursued her education obtaining an BA in Child Education and Psychology. In 2007 she started a daycare and preschool program in a home based environment.
Gabi is a reflective, caring, imaginative, lifelong learner and committed to offering children the best environment possible and expose them to experiences of life that will shape them into independent and resilient little human beings. She is passionate, dedicated individual who is active in a wide range of professional-developmental activities and personal interests! Her mission is to bring quality back to the families which drives her to create a very diversified program that serves children from birth to preschool years!


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